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Finally it is here! Dealer Source Group & Elite Training Solutions  USMMP a company in the automotive Industry that has combined many of the best award winning sales, service, BDC, Internet and F&I trainers with the most advanced automotive digital technologies. Classes are all interactive with your team members giving them the knowledge to take it to the next level so they can return back to department energized and hungry to master their job responsibilities. In any business we know that the (3) P’s must be adhered to – People, Processes and Product.

In our Industry turnover of personnel is extremely too high. Employees find out quickly that they are not receiving the coaching support or tools to master their job duties. So they ultimately FIRE THE DEALERSHIP and find another dealership or career path. Your manufacturer can and always will handle the Product and all of the support from the region or zone to assist you with “best practices” as they see it. Where most dealerships struggle year end and year out are working effectively with their People and having the correct processes in place for them to follow.


  • Your Attitude Toward Prospecting
  • Role of Prospecting in the Sales Cycle
  • Assessing Your Existing Prospecting Methods
  • Defining What You Want Prospecting to Do
  • Measuring the Prospecting Process
  • Why Should People Buy From You
  • Who is Your Perfect Prospect
  • Creating a Client Profile

There Is No Pricing Challenge Too Tough

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • The Bottom Line
  • Pricing is Biggest Profit Lever
  • The Reality of a Discount / Price Increase
  • Value Equation
  • Each Price Increase Requires Two Sales
  • Finding Value / Building “Added Value” Benefits
  • Perceived Benefits
  • Value Propositions
  • Risk Factor Worksheet
  • ROI Driven Presentations
  • Cost Conversion Assessment
  • Solution Saving — The ROI
  • Profit Questions










Organizations do not need more management. They need more leadership.  Too many companies fail to embrace the positive impact effective leadership can have not only on profits, but also on employee success.

Too many salespeople don’t come close to realizing their potential because they are not receiving the support they need.

Leadership Development

Employees are open to influence and motivation. “If you tell me what to do, I will do it to protect my job. But if you inspire me to do it, I will do it to the best of my ability.” Supervisors who understand this simple truth and know how to apply it are the ones who generate results in today’s organizations. Great managers develop high-performance teams that get results because they know how to lead a team, not just manage it. This program will smooth your transition from individual contributor to supervisor to leader. You will learn the basics like delegation, time management, and performance appraisal techniques, and gain insights into the more advanced aspects of leadership needed to inspire and motivate teams.

Leadership Training For Managers

Leadership development has meant different things in different times. The modern leader knows that it means developing the skills needed to motivate the modern team. These necessary skills can be learned through a leadership development training program, which is less stressful than being forced to learn the skills on the job. Working your way up the ladder, you’ve experienced numerous leadership styles from the previous generations of managers.

Skills for Team Success

You present with confidence and clarity, tackle business challenges, and know how to strengthen interpersonal relationships. These attributes have helped you gain recognition at work by impacting the bottom line. Now it is time to take your skills to the next level!

  Elite Training Solutions Course will take your skills to the next level. Graduates will be guided through a highly interactive program designed to build on the foundation of the  Course. You will learn to communicate with diplomacy and tact, build consensus, and build team member engagement.
B2B sales, a consultative approach to selling is becoming more important. That's because the way people buy has changed. Dramatically.

B2B sales, a consultative approach to selling is becoming more important. That’s because the way people buy has changed. Dramatically.

Call Us and we will Design a workshop B2B just for your company


Service Advisor Sales Training



We will train your service writers how to become SERVICE SALESPEOPLE.


  • Hands-on sales training in the drive
  • Training sessions in seminar setting
  • Coaching and counseling
  • All designed to equip the service salesperson to:
  • Overcome objections
  • Close the deal
  • Retain the customer
  • Improve CSI
  • Improve menu sales
  • Increase gross profit retention
  • Enjoy their career



Social Selling

Personal One:on:One Connections

Elite Training Solutions brings the unique perspective so that your sales team understands how to incorporate social selling into your prospecting and sales cadence.  Social Selling is a term that has been around for several years, but how it directly applies to a specific company is often why clients reach out to the Harris Consulting Group.  Social media has dramatically changed the traditional method of identifying and targeting new customers.  Linkedin profiles allow companies to identify CEO’s or specific employees that make the buying decisions.  Facebook information allows companies to discover people who are expecting a baby or newly engaged.  Social Selling is the culmination of information that can be access through social media and used to advance the sales process and create direct relationships with potential clients.

Elite Training Solutions USMMP Understands Each Company Has Different Pains
We Customize The Offered Services To Fit Your Needs!

“Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.”

Workforce Training Process


Your organization’s strategic vision – the “should be” as opposed to the “as is”.


A strategic conversation with you to understand where the operation is today, where you want to take it, and what needs to change to get there.


Through assessments, surveys, and a unique BID process, determine the alignment around the vision, competency gaps that needs to be closed, and attitudes that undermine change.


Design interventions that support your strategic intent, provide measurable results, map directly to the competencies needed to power the strategic intent, blend competency development with attitudinal change, and align emotional intelligence with corporate


Ingrain long-term behavior change and gain emotional and intellectual engagement with corporate objectives.