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Besides nonprofit organizations every other organization, business or dealership is out to make sales; Dealer Source Group & Elite Training Solutions USMMP is a company that understands that you can’t make great sales if your sales team is not skilled and schooled in the art of bringing sales home. Dealer Source Group & Elite Training Solutions USMMP has an eager team of award winning tutors in sales, service, BDC, Internet and F&I trainers, equipped with the latest automotive digital technologies.

It takes more than the sales team to keep an organization going; our training programs will have your team members hyped up and by the end of the program each member will know what their job prescription is and how to carry out his or her duties. In any business we know that the (3) P’s must be adhered to – People, Processes and Product.

The automotive industry always welcomes a ton of buyers and of course in a business or dealership every department works together for the good of the organization but when it comes to bringing sales home, the responsibility rests solely on your sales team, department or personnel.

It is the dream of any dealership to be flooded with potential buyers, but not when your sales team is second tier, this will easily become your nightmare. So here is Dealer Source Group & Elite Training Solutions USMMP out to train your employees on how to turn in mass productivity.










Management and leadership are very contrasting terms. Management is merely barking out instruction from a distance, and this is a route you do not want to take if you intend to motivate your team to the top, Leadership on the other hand entails getting involved with your team as they work and providing a guiding hand where necessary to motivate everyone to the top 2and in other words your dealership’s productivity. Dealer Source Group & Elite Training Solutions USMMP will offer you the most productive executive coaching you may ever know.

Leadership Development

Employees are like an orchard of flowers, they are only as beautiful as you trim them to be, but this time you won’t be trimming anybody. As a manager or leader, to make your employees beautiful (that is motivated to carry out their duties) you should do more to motivate and inspire them, and the best way to do this is by being a manager who leads and not one who manages. Our executive program understands this powerful statement, “If you tell me what to do, I will do it to protect my job. But if you inspire me to do it, I will do it to the best of my ability.”
This program will smooth your transition from individual contributor to supervisor to leader. You will learn the basics like delegation, time management, and performance appraisal techniques, and gain insights into the more advanced aspects of leadership needed to inspire and motivate teams.

Leadership Training For Managers

When you need to improve the productivity of your organization you don’t need more employees, rather you need your leaders to step up and lead the pack to glory. Leadership skills don’t come naturally; they are learned through a leadership development training program. Anyone can be promoted to a leadership role out of the blues, and if you are not ready you may have to learn how to be a leader on the go which is very scandalous. Avoid the pressures of learning on the job and enroll with our program today.

Skills for Team Success

At the moment, your team maybe on point, making progress and completing organization goals. As an individual you may be okay with your attributes of confidence and clarity, tendency to create interpersonal relationships and tackling business challenges, but are you comfortable with where you are? Do you not strive to not let the sky be your limit? If you belong to this school of thought then good, because it is the first step to taking your skills to the next level.
The second step is to enroll with Elite Training Solutions Course and by the end of the program you will learn to communicate with diplomacy and tact, build consensus, and build team member engagement.

Social Selling

Personal One:on:One Connections

Before you make a potential buyer a customer you will definitely have to get into interaction with the person. Interaction is key to the growth of any organization and this doesn’t exclude making sales. With the epiphany of the internet comes social media marketing, this allows you to keep track of your fan base and gives you a real-time knowledge of their desires. Tactfulness in handling your social media can be used to advance the sales process and create direct relationships with potential clients. There are a ton of social media networks in the loop already; there is LinkedIn where you can display key information about your organization, then Facebook which is just the perfect platform to communicate and get feedback from your audience. Twitter is good for news and Instagram is prefect to display media content to your audience.