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Richie Bello Retreat and Training Center

Richie Bello Training Center

People determine the size and quality of your party or seminar and training in this case by the size and quality of the venue. If you send out invitations to personnel where the memo points to your bedroom as the venue of the meet you’ll see its almost all about the venue because you can agree with me that you’ll get almost no turnout. Save yourself from the hard work and possible embarrassment, and hold your seminar or training in a venue that has been customized for conducting training or seminars. The Richie Bello Retreat and Training Center offers a serene environment with all the space you need to spur you towards a successful seminar or training.

 Training Technology

In every ten seminars, training, or function you will find attendees who are rightly unsatisfied with the media technology; maybe a malfunctioning microphone, poor display system, and even poor lightening. Richie Bello’s Retreat & Training Center will turn your event from mediocre to world class with the latest state of art equipment and facilities including Wide Screen monitors, and reliable audio and video outlets coupled with the awesome “Hollywood” GREEN SCREEN to conduct professional video productions videos or DVD’s.

Distraction Free Retreat

If you hope to organize a successful retreat, seminar or training you need to make sure nothing steals your shine not surrounding events or even starving attendees; ensure you have blocked every room for distraction, make your attendees only lust after what you have for them so much that they don’t see any distractions. That sounds like so much to do, but with the Richie Bello Retreat and Training Center in control you’ll only have to watch as your audience warms to you and you alone as the ultimate distraction of “grabbing something to eat is taken care of. Richie’s Retreat & Training Center has a complete kitchen operated by (5) five star chefs, now that’s how you get the distraction of grabbing a bite out of the way.

The Richie Bello Retreat and Training Center offers an incredible but modest serene lake view environment. The sort of environment that puts your attendees in the mood to hear you out. The spacious environment gives room to hold general meetings, and break out rooms to give you the true educational or team building experience. If you call us today you’ll find an eager team ready to hook you up on the other end of the call.

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